At the 240th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), Dr. Héctor Arce of Yale University gave an invited Plenary Lecture titled Building the Future of Radio Science with the Arecibo Observatory. The plenary talk was designed to inform the general astronomical community of how the 305-m telescope at the Arecibo Observatory was making impactful science up to the time of its collapse. + Read More


The 2021 joint meeting of the New York State Section of the American Physical Society and the Astronomical Society of New York was a topical symposium titled “Science and Discoveries at the Arecibo Observatory”. 

The symposium featured five presentations showcasing the Arecibo Observatory’s history, its future, and the major discoveries it enabled within the three focus areas of Arecibo science: Astronomy, Planetary Science, and Space & Atmospheric Science. 

Attending the 239th American Astronomical Society Winter Meeting? We are too!

Don’t miss the following opportunities to meet with AO staff, hear about the ongoing developments and science (#AOScienceNow), and the current and future plans for the observatory!

AAS Exhibitor Booth

Astrophysics NANOGrav Meeting Hosted at UCF

The University of Central Florida (UCF) hosted the semi-annual NANOGrav science meeting and student training workshop from March 2 - 6th. The meeting gave scientists the opportunity to assess their ongoing projects and discuss future work, including their next big release of 15 years worth of data. Read More