Proposals Submission System

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  • Which results should I include in as related to this AO proposal?
    For proposals that intend to run observations that started in previous semesters, please, describe if you have any preliminary results so that you can assess the success of your research using AO time.

  • Which proposals have continuing status this round?
    Proposals only have continuing status if they have been notified of this. Any proposer who has not received a notification should assume they need to reapply as normal when the present approval expires.

  • How does a proposal ask for continuing status?
    Proposals do not specifically request continuing status, but will be considered for continuing status where this is appropriate, in line with the guidelines in the Proposal Guide. To be considered for such status, a proposal should be planned to continue beyond a year and should have a track record as an approved project.

  • The guidelines say proposals should be 3 pages, but I found another web page that says proposals should be 4 pages. Which is correct?
    The guidelines are correct, proposals should be 3 pages, but it turns out we didn't catch everywhere that says 4 pages. If you do come across somewhere saying 4 pages please let me know so I can update it! (And thanks to everyone who has cotacted me already.)

  • Does my ongoing project have continuing status?
    We had a very small number of astronomy proposals that were already not required to propose annually as they were commensal projects or ASAC had previously decided it was not necessary to review fully every year. These have been grandparented in as “continuing” projects, but for the first couple of application rounds after the change (September 2016 and March 2017) everyone who would have had to submit a proposal under the old rules will still have to submit a proposal. ASAC will then assign “continuing” status when it reviews these proposals, thus ensuring the decision is made by a committee with external members rather than just by Arecibo staff.

If you have any questions not answered here or in the other documents, please contact Christiano Brum at cbrum@naic.edu.