Changes to the Arecibo Observatory Proposal Policies and Procedures (March 2020)

Proposals Submission System

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We changed the submission process in order to optimize it. This summary covers the major changes, all of which take effect for this call with the March 5, 2020, deadline. Please see the full Proposal Guidelines and the FAQ for more information.

  1. An Arecibo Scheduling Advisory Committee (ASAC) committee was established and includes Science Manager (N. Pinilla-Alonso,, committee Chair (Christiano Brum,, co-Chair (María Womack,, staff scientist of each science area (P.K. Manoharan,, Christiano, and Anne Virki,, telescope scheduler (Hector, and IT support (Arun Venkataranam, and Jorge Herrera, The external anonymous referee process is maintained and each proposal is evaluated by at least two referees with relevant experience. Each panel discussion includes the chair, co-chair, related staff scientist, plus two expert panelists.

  2. The submission form tool asks for all the information needed to build a comprehensive cover sheet, as well as a longer Proposal Body document with all information needed for the evaluation, the scheduling, and the coordination of operations. The proposer is required to submit their entire proposal through this submission process. The system will merge both documents, and there is no longer the additional step of submitting the Proposal Body separately.

  3. The application form provides a step for reviewing the proposal after merging the cover sheet and body and before submitting it. Please confirm there are no special character mistakes.

  4. 4. The application form was changed:

    • Both Abstract and Outreach Abstract will be limited to no more than 850 characters, including spaces.

    • Three new input areas related to professional success of the team:

      • For continuing projects: results with AO Telescope including publications.

      • Most relevant results of the team with AO telescope, if any

      • Five most relevant publications from the team.

    • New input field to identify whether this request is for coordinated or concurrent observations. If so, add contact information and other relevant information in the text area provided.

    • New input area to specify “Preferred dates” and “Impossible dates.”

You can also refer to previous changes that were implemented for September 2016 Call for Proposals. . If you have comments and suggestions, please send them to any of the ASAC members.