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What's happening at the AO?


The Facilities and Operations Team has been working in collaboration with the Education & Public Outreach Team in diverse innovative projects across the site for the reopening of the Science and Visitor Center. New experiences for the visitors focus on STEAM education have been developed, such as interpretative trails combining our unique karst region’s flora and fauna, integrating the long steps towards the SVC as a new experience incorporating the existing planets across the path with vibrant colors providing an art educational experience and the development of various stations, like Mars and Jupiter Station. + Read More


On March 10th, 2022, the doors to the Ángel Ramos Foundation Science and Visitor Center at the Arecibo Observatory were opened once again to excited crowds of students and the general public. It is the first time anyone from the public has been permitted to visit the observatory since just before the collapse of the 305 meter radio telescope in December of 2020. Fortunately, the majority of the Science & Visitor Center suffered only minor damages at that time.+ Read More


Orbital stability analysis and photometric characterization of the second Earth Trojan asteroid 2020 XL5

T. Santana-Ros, M. Micheli, L. Faggioli, R. Cennamo, M. Devogèle, A. Alvarez-Candal, D. Oszkiewicz, O. Ramírez, P.-Y. Liu, P. G. Benavidez, A. Campo Bagatin, E. J. Christensen, R. J. Wainscoat, R. Weryk, L. Fraga, C. Briceño & L. Conversi