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What's happening at the AO?

El Centro de Ciencias y Visitantes - Fundación Angel Ramos, se prepara para la próxima Semana Solar (21 al 23 de marzo de 2018). Nos uniremos a esta celebración bianual para alentar a los estudiantes de escuela elemental y intermedia a explorar las maravillas de nuestra estrella más cercana. Read More

#AOTeamWomen - Picture

We celebrate and value our #AOWomenTeam, as they are such a strong and important asset to the daily operations of our telescope. Their outstanding contribution is palpable in all our departments and their labor can be distinguished in their administrative, support, scientific and technical roles. Read More

NASA Merging Galaxies

For the past twelve years, a group of astronomers have been watching the sky carefully, timing pulses of radio waves being emitted by rapidly spinning stars called pulsars, first discovered 50 years ago. These astronomers are interested in understanding pulsars, but their true goal is much more profound; the detection of a new kind of gravitational waves. With a new, more sophisticated analysis, they are much closer than ever before.

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